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Give your employees affected by disability the inclusive benefits they deserve

We help our members find the support, care, and community they need to stay healthy.
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Wayfinder exists to eliminate disability health disparities

This includes neurodiverse workers, workers with physical disabilities, and workers raising children with disabilities.

Finding quality, disability-friendly providers is challenging

Only 40% of doctors are confident about their ability to provide quality care to patients with disabilities. Patients with disabilities contact an average of 50 providers before they are willing to find one willing to treat them.

Leading to care avoidance, increased costs, and poorer health outcomes

People with disabilities are significantly more likely to have unmet medical, dental, and prescription needs and 4 times more likely to report poor health. This results in 5-6 times higher healthcare spending compared to patients without disabilities.

We guide your employees to timely care and resources

Wayfinder makes healthcare a friendlier experience and aims to reduce unnecessary medical spending. We support both employees with disabilities and families who are raising children with disabilities.
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Care Coordination

Our experienced Care Coordinators are here to save your employees time finding vetted in-network providers, applying for benefits, and booking appointments.
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Curated Resources

We've sourced the best medically-vetted articles and guides to help your employees learn about the latest in disability healthcare, finance, and more.
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Peer Support

Our community is a safe space that makes it easy for your employees to connect with other families, ask questions, share knowledge, and feel supported.

Ways we can help

  • Find vetted, disability-friendly care

    We'll recommend affirming doctors, therapists, or dentists who accept your employees' insurance. We can help them save time booking appointments and transportation, too!
  • Maximize insurance benefits

    We help your employees learn what's covered, get help negotiating a bill, explore treatment options, and find relevant waivers.
  • Understand treatment options

    We'll help your employees understand and research treatment options, so them can be sure you're getting the care that's right for them.
  • Connect with peer support

    Discover support groups, patient communities, and community resources so you can feel connected.
  • Get one-on-one support

    The dedicated Wayfinder care team is available any time to answer employee questions and help them navigate the healthcare maze.
  • Find & apply for financial support

    Your employees' care coordinator will help them identify and apply for relevant financial supports like local grants and waivers.

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