We believe in better healthcare access for people with disabilities

The term "Wayfinder" refers to a set of tools or systems that help people navigate from one place to another. We aim to be just that. Our software is designed to make the messy, confusing world of disability services easier to navigate.

Our Story

The best stories often start with a simple invitation.

For our founder, Anthony, that invitation came in his freshman year of college, as he struggled to find a sense of belonging in his new home. One day, a friend invited him to a gathering of students who served local adults with disabilities. Within minutes of arriving, Anthony was captivated by the raw authenticity, lively sense of humor, and acceptance he felt from the group. It was just fun!

A group of students, Gonzaga basketball players, and adults with disabilities playing basketball together.

A group of students, basketball players, and community members with intellectual and developmental disabilities at a weekly Gonzaga University Specialized Recreation (GUSR) sports practice in 2013.

Drawn in deeper to the disability community, Anthony became a caregiver, helping coordinate healthcare services for two men with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This seemingly simple task proved to be anything but — he was soon spending dozens of hours a week searching on Google, scouring Facebook groups, and making phone calls all over the city just to coordinate care.

All the while, he found himself growing ever more confused and exhausted by the barriers he was facing. Couldn't this be simpler?

Later, as an adaptive recreation camp counselor, Anthony realized that he wasn't alone in his struggles. Meeting dozens of parents leaving jobs or going part-time just to coordinate care for their children, he realized a hard truth: In disability healthcare, simplicity is hard to find — and questions are often more common than answers.

Anthony and a RMV camper wearing white climbing helments and smiling at the camera with silly faces.

Anthony and a camper after rock climbing together at Rocky Mountain Village (RMV), an Easterseals adaptive recreation camp in Colorado, in 2015.

So he set out to do something about it. In the early days of the pandemic, he started building lists of available service providers and sharing them with parents. The deep gratitude he received inspired him to devote himself fully to a new mission — connecting families, case managers and providers for a better healthcare experience.

Wayfinder went from a dream to reality in 2020, and continues to operate in Denver, CO, thanks to a small-but-mighty team of people passionate about technology and healthcare access for the disability community. Just like our story started with an invitation, we'd love for you to be part of the journey with us, too!

Team & Advisors

We're a small but mighty team of people passionate about technology, design, and improving healthcare access.

Anthony Verducci headshot

Anthony Verducci

Founder & CEO, Wayfinder

Jenna Corder headshot

Jenna Corder

Director of Client Relations, Imagine!

Lani Hessen, OTR/L headshot

Lani Hessen, OTR/L

VP of Patient Access, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Roman Krafczyk headshot

Roman Krafczyk

President & CEO, Easterseals Colorado

Karen Landmeier, MD headshot

Karen Landmeier, MD

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician, Clear Child Psychology

Mark Levine headshot

Mark Levine

Partner & President, Epic Pivot

Andrea "Dre" Morales headshot

Andrea "Dre" Morales

Program Manager of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI), Developmental Pathways

Lea Anne Paskvalich headshot

Lea Anne Paskvalich

Founder, Next Steps Consulting

Victor Pereira headshot

Victor Pereira

Real Estate Broker, Giving Back Group

Lisa Valerio headshot

Lisa Valerio

President & Founder, Fenixia Foundation

Crosby Verducci headshot

Crosby Verducci

Biscuit Procurement Officer, Wayfinder

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