Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wayfinder?

Wayfinder is a public benefit company working to connect people with disabilities to quality supports and services using software and technology.

Who is Wayfinder for?

We're here for three groups: people with disabilities and their families, case managers, and disability service providers.

  • Case managers use Wayfinder to send RFPs, collaborate with clients, and track outcomes.
  • Individuals and families use Wayfinder to learn about quality service providers in their area.
  • Providers use Wayfinder to showcase their services and receive referrals.

What kinds of providers can sign up?

Providers on Wayfinder must either:

  • Be a Program Approved Service Agency (PASA)
  • Or operate in Colorado, serve a majority of patients with disabilities (50%) and offer at least one of our approved services.

Do you only list providers who sign up?

Nope, providers don't need to create a profile to be listed on our provider directory. We aim to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource in Colorado. If you are a Program Approved Services Agency (PASA) in Colorado, you're already listed! Claim your profile and add additional information/photos to become Wayfinder Verified.

Can anyone create an account?

Only individuals and families who receive services through our Case Management Agency partners can access Wayfinder.

What does Wayfinder cost?

Wayfinder is free for individuals and families who are enrolled in services through our partner case management agencies. Service providers can also claim and manage their profiles at no cost. However, case management agencies need to pay a monthly fee to access our RFP management software and provide access to our directory for their beneficiaries.

What's with the name Wayfinder?

The term "Wayfinding" refers to a set of tools or systems that help people navigate from one place to another. We aim to be just that. Our software should serve as a trusted tool for everyone using Wayfinder, to make the messy, confusing world of disability services easier to navigate.

How did you get started?

While working as a caregiver in the disability community, our founder, Anthony, experienced firsthand how difficult it is to navigate care & resources. So he set out to do something about it. Wayfinder went from a dream to reality in 2020, and continues to operate in Denver, CO, thanks to a small-but-mighty team of people passionate about healthcare access for the disability community.

Are you hiring?

Not right now, but we're always looking to meet other people who want to improve access to disability-competent care. Get on our hiring radar, and we'll let you know when a position opens.

Have more questions?

If there's something we didn't answer, or you'd just like to say hi, email us anytime at We really love hearing from you.