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Case Management Agencies (CMAs) in Colorado use Wayfinder's data and software solutions to coordinate care and improve service delivery for clients with disabilities.

A screenshot of Wayfinder's RFP management dashboard for case management agencies.

We're dedicated to improving healthcare accessibility through thoughtful design and innovative technology


Find high-quality services

Mix and match dozens of filters to find the ideal provider for your or your clients' needs.

Helping to connect people with disabilities to willing and qualified providers is critical to person-centered support planning. We are thrilled individuals and families have access to more detailed information about providers in our community.
Darcy Tibbles headshot
Darcy Tibbles
VP of Community Affairs at Developmental Pathways
Rocky Mountain Autism Services
4 locations
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Mile High Therapeutic Alliance
6 locations
Boulder Adaptive Interventions
4 locations
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More than 1,100 providers are listed on our directory and actively maintained
100 percent of Program Approved Service Agencies (PASAs) have profiles
Over 20,000 people with disabilities benefit from our directory every month

Close the care loop

Simplify your operations with Wayfinder's end-to-end RFP management solution.

Create, review, and distribute RFPs

Enable your case management team to manage RFPs in a centralized, beautifully-designed interface.

Sync client data with the CCM to minimize paperwork and speed up RFP creation.

Automatically scan for PHI using Wayfinder's AI to prevent sensitive information from being shared.

Notify relevant providers in your catchment area with branded emails sent in the background.

Collect responses from providers

PASAs can review RFP details, apply in a few clicks, and track their submissions over the lifecycle of the RFP.

Share proposals instantly with clients to empower them to make informed decisions.

Enable PASAs to track submissions via their own dashboards to minimize follow-up.

Mark the client's choice to close the RFP, start services, and add to analytics.

This is the most beautiful and excellent RFP process I have seen in my 22 years in the DD world. I love it. Thank you!
Program Approved Service Agency
Based in Aurora, Colorado
View Open RFPs
Pam Beesly
OpenSLS Waiver
11 Proposals
Michael Scarn
Behavioral Services
PendingDD Waiver
0 Proposals
Meredith Palmer
PlacedBI Waiver
16 Proposals
Dwight Schrute
RejectedDD Waiver
0 Proposals

Discover new insights and trends

Leverage our real-time analytics dashboard to make informed, data-driven decisions.


Outcome% of Total

Placed In Services

Reevaluating Plan

No Suitable Provider Found

RFP Withdrawn

No Response From Family

Received No Responses







Requests for Proposals
Gain insight into the total number of RFPs across your organization.
Client Outcomes
Get an overview of your RFP outcomes, including placed, closed, and other statuses.
Top Providers
Discover which providers are most responsive to RFPs and which families are choosing.
Top Services
Learn the most requested services in your catchment area.
Top Waivers
See the most widely used HCBS waivers based on RFP volume.
And more...
Our team is happy to pull custom reports. Analytics are also available via API request.

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