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Streamlining RFPs: How Imagine! Used Wayfinder to Boost Provider Responses by 859% and Measure Impact

Discover how Wayfinder helped Imagine! simplify their RFP process for case managers and over 400 providers in their catchment area

Anthony Verducci
June 16th, 2024
Imagine and Wayfinder's logos against a gradient backdrop.

Imagine! is a Community Centered Board (CCB) and provider agency that has supported approximately 5,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Boulder, Broomfield, and Gilpin counties for over 60 years. With the upcoming Case Management Redesign (CMRD) on July 1, 2024, Imagine!’s team of 50 case managers will merge with ACMI to form a new Case Management Agency (CMA) called A&I Avenues.

Wayfinder's Provider Directory product, launched with Imagine! in March 2022, has helped their case managers connect clients to high-quality provider agencies.

The Challenge

In early 2023, Imagine!'s case management team approached Wayfinder with several RFP-specific challenges:

Fragmented Tools

The team was using various tools, including email, spreadsheets, and third-party Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, to manage RFPs, which required significant technical overhead and constant switching between systems.

Low Response Rate

The list of provider agencies' contact information was outdated and hard to maintain. The Lead Case Manager had to manually email RFPs to provider agencies, which was time-consuming, and the application process for providers was not standardized.

Manual Data Entry

Tracking RFP outcomes required manual data entry into shared spreadsheets, maintained by the IT team. Busy case managers often could not find time to input data, resulting in inconsistent and inaccurate records.

Inbox Overload

Providers submitted RFP applications via email to the lead case manager, who then forwarded them to others. This led to inbox overload and no centralized place to view all RFP responses, causing delays in sharing responses with clients and their families, which affected timely care.

"We needed to simplify and streamline this process because in the end, clients were suffering.

— Jenna Corder, Director of Client Relations

The Results

In early May, Wayfinder implemented its RFP management and analytics tools for Imagine!.

A screenshot of the details view of an RFP on Wayfinder.

The results were immediate:

Increased RFP Response Rate

Within a month, the response rate to RFPs increased by 859%, giving Imagine!'s clients significantly more options.

Active Provider Participation

Over 40% of Colorado's Provider Agencies (PASAs) are now active on Wayfinder, with provider information updated weekly to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Lower Email Bounce Rate

The RFP email notification bounce rate dropped to less than 0.25%, indicating more effective communication through accurate provider contact information.

High RFP Engagement

Each of Imagine!'s RFPs receive over 250 views on average, indicating high engagement from providers. Imagine! currently utilizes 401 providers across all Medicaid services.

Real-Time Analytics

The analytics dashboard updates automatically, allowing Imagine! to monitor the impact of their RFPs in real-time, as well as track active providers, requested services, and waivers.

Inbox Management

Case managers can now fine-tune their notification settings to reduce inbox clutter, with all RFP-related communication centralized on the platform.

Unified System

The adoption of a unified system has streamlined RFP management processes, reducing reliance on fragmented tools.

"No one else builds technology for us [case managers]...we are truly loving Wayfinder."

— Emily Haley, Lead Case Manager


Wayfinder's RFP management solution has not only increased efficiency but also empowered Imagine! to provide better and more timely care for their clients.

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