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Announcing New RFP Management Solutions & HIPAA Compliance

Wayfinder’s unified system allows case managers, providers and families to easily navigate the RFP process — in one place.

Anthony Verducci
January 24th, 2024
A screenshot of Wayfinder's new RFP features for case managers.

As the New Year kicks off in 2024, we are thrilled to announce two significant updates to Wayfinder. First, we are introducing new tools for managing Requests for Proposals (RFPs). These tools will streamline the process of creating RFPs, collecting provider responses, and evaluating the organizational impact for our case management clients. Second, we are proud to announce that Wayfinder is fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines, ensuring enhanced safety for all users.

Prioritizing Simplicity

During the past year, we have worked with over 400 individual case managers from multiple agencies, numerous providers, and thousands of individuals with disabilities and their families. Across the board, we have heard the need for new tools that simplify the process of connecting individuals to high-quality, culturally competent services.

One area we sought to explore was the Requests for Proposals process, an essential aspect of Colorado's disability services ecosystem. Colorado’s Case Management Agencies use the RFP process to help individuals with disabilities connect to service providers: Providers submit applications to work with individuals based on their needs, location, and preferences — then, individuals review these applications and select their preferred provider.

Currently, the RFP process varies across Colorado's 20 Case Management Agencies (CMAs). This means that administrators must create their own customized infrastructure of tools and staffing to handle RFPs — which requires significant time and resources. Moreover, providers who serve multiple CMAs have to manage different application processes. That’s where we at Wayfinder set out to help!

As a new technology player in Colorado's disability services ecosystem, we were uniquely positioned to tackle this challenge. We asked ourselves, "What would a reimagined, simplified approach to the RFP process look like?" After months of user interviews and iterative design, we discovered that the ideal solution would be a unified platform where families, case managers, and providers can connect. It would prioritize security, efficiency, automation, and ease of use.

And today, we are thrilled to share that our solution is available for existing and new CMA clients to manage care in one place.

Case Management Agencies: A Unified RFP Management Solution

A screenshot of Wayfinder's individuals dashboard.

With Wayfinder, CMAs can now:

  • Quickly create and distribute RFPs in minutes. Wayfinder seamlessly integrates with your electronic health record (EHR) system to retrieve client information and populate RFP forms. This reduces administrative work and ensures data synchronization across your organization.

  • Collect submissions from providers. Streamline the collection of submissions from providers by collecting responses on Wayfinder’s provider portal and sending branded email notifications.

  • Notify clients effortlessly about provider options. Wayfinder's software shares real-time RFP responses so clients can be automatically notified when a service provider submits an application.

Providers: Simplified RFP Applications and Performance Tracking Features

A screenshot of the open RFP search module on Wayfinder.

In addition to the free profiles that we currently offer Program Approved Service Agencies (PASAs), we’re now pleased to roll out an improved RFP experience for providers. Among the benefits of this system, providers can now:

  • Search for relevant RFPs. With Wayfinder’s provider dashboard, providers can easily search for RFPs that fit their organization's preferences.

  • Minimize follow-up. Providers won’t have to ask case managers about the status of their RFP applications — they can be notified in real time about the status of each application.

  • Submit and monitor proposals. With a single click, providers can submit proposals to RFPs and monitor their progress using analytics.

Individuals and Families: Real-time Referral Updates and Provider Information

A screenshot of a provider's profile page on Wayfinder's provider directory.

Currently, individuals with disabilities and their families have to wait several weeks or even months to receive information about service providers who have applied to the RFPs. With the introduction of these new features, Wayfinder will now help families to:

  • Be notified when providers submit an application. Individuals and families can now opt into email notifications when providers apply to serve them.

  • Access reviews from other families. The best way to know about a provider’s quality of care is to learn from other individuals and families who have firsthand experience. Wayfinder’s system aggregates provider reviews so clients can make the best care decision possible.

  • Research a full directory of providers on one platform. Individuals and families can learn more about providers who are available to support them by reading their detailed profiles on Wayfinder.

I look forward to a world where individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have an efficient way of finding new providers, and one in which providers receive enough information about a prospective client to make an informed decision about serving them.

— Jenna Corder, Director of Client Relations, Imagine!

RFP Performance Analytics Tools

In addition to the RFP management features, our case management clients can use Wayfinder's RFP analytics dashboard to track and measure organizational impact in real time. The dashboard offers organization-wide RFP analytics, including the total number of RFPs by status (completed, closed, etc.), top requested services, most active providers, popular HCBS waivers, and more. We are confident that access to these data points will boost clients' impact, fundraising, and marketing efforts.

Data Security and HIPAA Compliance

To ensure client safety, Wayfinder is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This means that we’ve taken the necessary legal and technical precautions to safeguard all Personal Health Information (PHI) that touches Wayfinder’s servers. What’s more, all the data within our platform is encrypted in transit and at rest, so our case management users can have peace of mind knowing that their clients’ sensitive information is secure.

Join Us!

Helping to connect people with disabilities to willing and qualified providers is critical to person-centered support planning. Our case management teams really love working with Wayfinder. We are thrilled individuals and families will have access to more detailed information about providers in our community and appreciate Wayfinder’s passion for simplicity and accessibility.

— Darcy Tibbles, Vice President of Community Affairs, Developmental Pathways

Our goal at Wayfinder is to help case managers, providers, and families better coordinate and access care — together. Supporting Colorado’s CMAs is a crucial part of that goal, as they take on the work that’s close to their hearts. That’s why Wayfinder’s RFP management system seeks to bring better workflows, intuitive design, and clear alignment to case managers’ everyday work.

We believe in the benefits a better system can ultimately bring — for all those involved in coordinating, providing, and accessing care across the state. We can’t wait for you to be part of that journey with us!

For Case Management Agencies who are interested in integrating our RFP software into their workflows, please schedule a demo or contact our team to learn more. Providers and families can also create free accounts on our website!